“Work and common sense, are not only words, they are our basic principles.” 

The firm SECAMAD, dedicated to the design, production and installation of dryers for wood, was founded in 1974. It started off after laborious research investigations and experiences carried out with the collaboration of some companies involved in this sector.

Superseding the general tendency of most national manufacturers, which in those times opted to use more manual controls or conventional analog electronics, SECAMAD applied a digital microprocessor in its equipment, developing since the first moment, its own technology, pioneer at that time.


Their  capacity ranges from 0,5 up to 200 cubic meters; the usual sizes fall in the 50 to 100 cubic meter range.


In recent years, and due to the new regulations ISPM-15, our manufacturing line started using kilns for the thermal treatment of wood destined to the world of packaging, which had a capacity for between 100 and 2000 palettes.


SECAMAD is in constant development and innovation, constantly applying the new advances that electronics offer for improved and most refined drying techniques, as well as rigorously selecting and using control elements that complement our installations.


The facilities we offer include a range of necessary elements for complete “turnkey” equipment. We have computers available for the control of the drying process, data management software for remote control, drying machinery with ventilation, air renewal and heating systems.


Applying the knowledge acquired by SECAMAD in the field of wood drying, it has allowed us to successfully enter the drying of cardboard tubes.